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The Hunt

caribou huntThe hunting success rate for Quebec-Labrador caribou is exceptionally high, especially compared to typical hunts for elk, moose and deer , which may average 20%. Success rates generally exceed 90%, an astounding number when you consider that caribou are unpredictable migratory animals roaming a huge territory of more than 260 000 square muiles !


You’ll start a typical day crawling out of your sleeping bag for a delicious hearty brakfast, packing a lunch and heading for your assigned hunting area by boat or on foot. From whatever vantage point you can find, expect to spend plenty of time glassing for animals and plotting ways to get in front of them as they migrate.


There are no pack horses or ATVs up here ! We’ll guide you as close as possible by boat and then you have to hike. If the caribou cooperate and move a lot, you can ambush and wait for them by the lake near the crossings , or you may only walk a short distance to shoot.


But if they don’t cooperate, you may walk 2 or 3 miles over rocky terrain. There are hills and valleys and the broken rocky landscape is often a confused jumble of streams, lakes, ponds, puddles and swamps, and that’s why we recommend good waterproof hunting boots.


Veteran caribou hunters in Quebec’s high north will explain that caribou are mobile animals with an ability to cover ground much faster than humans. Their normal walking pace is deceptively quick, and they can easily leave you far behind if you misjudge an interception point. The best approach is always downwind, and with patience and skill, you can usually stalk close enough for a reliable shot. Bow hunters can often take advantage of the caribou’s inexperience with humans to get close enough for good shooting opportunities.


Also please be aware of the frailty of northern ecosystems and respect the environment. Please also be aware that we only hunt in the most ethical and reputable ways. We don’t shoot animals that are swimming, from a boat or from an aircraft. We strongly believe that respect for the game we hunt is far more important that any trophy that might be taken improperly. In short, we absolutely insist on fair-chase hunting.